adventure by bike

Everyone has their own definition of adventure, so one person’s idea of “adventure by bike” might be a ride into town on the greenway, whereas another person’s may be the Tour Divide. Any bike can be a gateway to adventure, but we specialize in a few categories which bring certain kinds of bike adventures closer to realization.

Touring bikes, like the Surly Disc Trucker, Salsa Vaya, and Norco Cabotwill take you across the country or comfortably across town.

‘Cross and gravel bikes, like the Surly Cross-Check, Straggler, and the Salsa Warbirdare versatile and fun, adept at urban pub assault duty, gravel grinding, or just bike-borne wandering.

We’re dealers for Surly, Salsa, Norco, and Co-Motion, so we have deep stock and ready access to a wide variety of versatile bikes capable of going long or carrying a load. If your thing is touring, bikepacking, gravel grinding, or randonneuring, we’ve probably got something for you.

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